City of East Peoria*

Planning and Community Development

Planning and Community Development

The Department of Planning and Community Development works to expand the tax base, encourage economic growth and facilitate the creation of jobs in East Peoria, IL. In addition to job growth and other aspects of boosting the economy, this department focuses on making East Peoria an even better place to live and work. Neighborhood improvement, downtown development, building safety and the growth of residential and commercial real estate are among the central issues for the Department of Planning and Community Development in East Peoria, IL.

Phone: 309-698-4715

City of East Peoria

East Peoria, IL combines the ease of small city living with the amenities and progressive spirit of a much larger community. East Peoria visitors and residents have 24/7 police service, fire protection and the emergency services of a well-equipped rescue squad. The city-owned sewer company provides top-notch service, and the municipal water treatment and wastewater management companies ensure the safety of the city’s water supply.

Located midway between Chicago and St. Louis, this Tazewell County city offers picturesque views of the Illinois River and a wealth of recreational opportunities. The city of East Peoria is at the center of the Peoria Metropolitan Area, just across the river from Peoria, IL.